"City by City, Measuring the Recovery"


Author: Karl Russell

Date: March 31, 2016

Cities like Denver; San Jose, Calif.; and Austin,
Tex., are now among those with the best-performing
labor markets, while places as varied as Las
Vegas, Chicago and Detroit remain laggards.

Unemployment Rates
Among the Biggest Cities

Since its peak after the Great Recession, unemployment has fallen across the nation. But some major cities have improved much more than others. Detroit and Las Vegas have gained substantial numbers of jobs but are still below average, and employment has still not risen to its levels before the recession. Austin and San Antonio are the only cities where jobless rates have fallen below their prerecession levels.

unemployment-1050 (1).png

Growth in Employment
Since the Great Recession

Denver’s overall employment has expanded by 15 percent since the end of 2009, putting it in the middle of the pack on that measure. San Jose and Austin have gained the most, while Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh trail the rest.